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Improve counterparty management with a shared management infrastructure. For each partner, you can define all supported mail transports, document routine information, processing information, security certificates, and contact information. Define and save all the profile data you need to automate and manage your partnerships, and ensure that documents are sent and received securely webMethods works with any email protocol in the industry, including branch mail transports such as HTTP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP and EDIINT and special standards such as RNIF, ebXML, AS4 and SOAP. Set mail transport options at the partner level. Business partnership agreements shall define in writing, for the specific exchange of data, the individual and joint responsibilities of the participating partners with regard to management, security and other points essential to the effective exchange of information between two or more trading partners on the stock exchange network. The key value of developing ATP is to encourage partners to clarify the appropriate and agreed use, ownership, nature, quality and frequency of data exchanges between and between partners. This process improves the reliability, benefits and security of data exchange through certain exchanges through the EN and contributes to the achievement of the partners` business objectives and obligations. All data access and exchange relationships must be governed by agreements that comply with the partners` legal and programmatic data sharing obligations. The Business Partnership Agreement (TPA) aims to document and formalize the business processes and contractual aspects related to the exchange of data through the Exchange Network. It allows parties to declare that they have a personal interest and an obligation to operate the relationship and the exchange of data, and provides an instrument to define the contact points within their organisations responsible for managing a successful exchange of information. . . .

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