Taxi Cab Rental Agreement

Note: all drivers must be allowed to drive a taxi by the competent authority in which the vehicle is plated and meet the company`s general conditions of sale set out in clause 4.2 of the company`s general conditions of sale, and the company reserves the right to immediately terminate the rental agreement if you no longer comply with these conditions. Notification of car accidents, incidents or breakdowns: Phone: 0121 217 8388 E-mail: Please read the company`s privacy statement for details of the use of your personal data. A copy of the privacy policy is available in and the printed matter is available from the company upon request. The company reserves the right to increase the rental fee or a deductible of an insurance policy or to withdraw or refuse the offer of insurance coverage (and immediately terminate the rental agreement) if you (or additional driver) are not a taxi driver or if you cease to be a taxi driver licensed by the competent authority in which the vehicle is marked. or if you answer in the affirmative to any of the disclosure questions mentioned below (concerning the tenant) or in a statement (concerning an additional driver notified at the time of the lease or at a later date). Signature__________________________________Date________________ if you answer YES to any of the following questions, you will be reminded of the need to disclose all the facts that an insurer would take into account when evaluating and accepting a normal proposal. If you have any doubts about the relevance of certain facts, please contact the company. It is an offence under road legislation to make a false statement or to withhold information essential for the purpose of obtaining motor insurance. [Rental fee: £ plus VAT @ 20% (if applicable) Total: £] I confirm that I have ensured that the rent is covered by my own insurance for global risks, including additional drivers.

I add my insurance policy details and encourage the company to contact my insurer to check this insurance and the coverage rate. I understand that my insurance is above all for all those that the company can keep with regard to the vehicle. with respect to an incident that occurs while you are responsible for the vehicle, unless the incident results from negligence or violation of the company`s legal obligations. The company will inform you in writing if a payment is requested under the conditions of its policy overrun. Such written notification shall fix one day before such payment is received by the Company. The renter agrees/refuses* (*remove if applicable) to pay an additional fee of £10 per week for the entire rental period, in order to reduce their liability for damage to the vehicle to the amount of £100 (normal deductible is £350). The renter and any additional licensed drivers are covered by the company`s insurance policy or are covered by the tenant`s own insurance* (*cancel if applicable) The above rental fee includes/not* full coverage with the company`s insurance. (*, if applicable, delete). Rental fee payable: weekly/monthly* in advance (*delete if applicable) Each additional driver must complete a separate declaration before driving the vehicle.

THINK TAXI RENTALS – RENTAL CONDITIONS If you do not agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of sale or if you have points that you wish to clarify/modify before accepting the rental, please do not sign the lease until the changes have been agreed in writing by the company. . . .

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