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Bound by an agreement prohibiting debauchery? Don`t stop talking to customers and customers! Keep your relationships “hot” for later use. Our “Seven Short Letters to Keep in Touch with Former Clients and Clients” show you: “What to say and how to say it.™ To get your copy, simply click [click here.] Delivered by email – immediately! one. If your no-poxing agreement simply states that you can`t “ask” or “search,” or words to that effect, but not “serve” or “do business” or words to that effect, since you called them and YOU DIDN`T RECRUIT THEM, then you can say, “Yes, absolutely, let`s do business.” One suggestion, though: ask the former customer or customer to email you this question so you have a record of who called who and what was said. While no communication or contact provision prevents the parties from communicating directly or indirectly with each other and participating in harassing, retaliatory or intimidating behavior, these injunctions do not prevent individuals from talking about the other party and/or situations in which the other party is involved. People diagnosed with Asperger`s syndrome (AS) don`t understand the nonverbal communication that many of us take for granted. A nod, a smile, a change in. An agreement is an agreement in which people accept certain conditions that normally relate to their behavior, ideas, and/or attitudes. If people “make a deal,” it means they will do their best to do what they have agreed to do. 10. What if you get a bad declaration of omission from your former employer`s lawyer claiming a violation of non-publicity? From time to time, a former employer may think that you may be violating your ban on debauchery. If this happens to you, you may receive a rather nasty “letter of omission” from your lawyer who claims you have violated your no-pocher agreement. b.

If your no-pocher agreement contains words like “serve” or “doing business with” or words to that effect, you can say, “No, not now. I am not allowed to do business with you until October 14, 2019 (for example), but after that we will be able to do business. In this case, I suggest you send them an email along these lines: “In accordance with your call yesterday, as I have already mentioned, I am until October 14, 2019 prevented from doing business with you, but after that we will be able to do so. » 1. . . .

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