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However, if you rent a local for less than 3 months and for a holiday, you should not use an accommodation rental contract. The legal protection of boarding schools and sub-tenants has been pursued by lawyers and has been the subject of repeated investigations by governments and advisory bodies since the mid-1970s. In this section, we briefly trace the history of the reform of the legislation of boarders and sub-tenants, where we present some of the impulses and opportunities for public and stakeholder participation. In 1996, the Labour government`s newly elected Social Justice Direction Statement Fair Go, Fair Share, Fair Say indicated that the government would study ways to protect the rights of people living in nursing homes, hostels and B&Bs by revising relevant laws and guidelines in 1997-1998 (see Power and Mott, 2003: 152). In 1998, the government appointed the Department of Fair Trading to convene a working group to examine the need to regulate businesses. The working group consulted with stakeholders and received input from organizations such as BLAG, whose filing contained a draft Boarders Bill (Power and Mott, 2003: 152). Some of our CSO informants stated that when the task force drafted the final report, there was a majority in favour of legislative reform for boarders and sub-tenants (non-legal CSOs; Legal CSO), although the final report was not subsequently published (see Alexander, 2004: 78; Power and Mott, 2003: 152).

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