What Is The Four Agreements About

One drawback of the book is that some of the chords are too extreme, and if you take them literally, they can cause additional problems in your life if taken without a proverbial grain of salt. However, with a little balance and a sense of openness, these chords can change and alleviate stress. Here is an explanation of the four agreements. What this means is that this agreement is intended to avoid gossip, lies, empty promises and other ways to create problems with our words. Just say what you mean, and realize that you can cause damage if you are not careful with what you say. I do not know whether Ruiz was wrong in John 1`s memory, whether the quotation was ill-typed, whether it was a statement about the Eternal Being or the illusory nature of time, or if there was another reason to replace “is” with “was.” Thank you for your thoughts, Coleen. I think your decision not to get caught up in right-wing arguments is wise. If we are all artists, if we are artists through the interpretations of the world we create, then the judgments of law/false simply do not apply to our art. A painting of a tree is not the same as a tree, but we would not describe such an interpretive painting as “false” or “lie”. The same goes for our artistic interpretations of life. Each of us creates a story that is true to us, and I think it is good to respect each other`s stories.

I also found it strange to judge a book about the behavior of a person who claims to have read it and about the elderly who are the ancestors of the author of the book. That is why I did not respond to Cccc`s comment. If the commentator explains why he/she thought the four chords meant that people were behaving ruthlessly and selfishly, I might have received an answer. As things stand, I support the idea that –Toltec or not — these principles are a healthy way of living and being in accordance with the good practices that are supported by modern psychology: if we share this truth, we know that we dream and that it is our reality and our only reality that generates this emotional reaction — CE that seems to me to be blameless.

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