Quick Confidentiality Agreement

In some cases, a company facing your confidentiality agreement may request the right to exclude information that has been independently developed after disclosure. In other words, the company may wish to amend subsection (b) in “(b) discovered or, regardless of the receiving party, established before or after disclosure by the disclosed party”. An applicant […]

Prudential Agreement

Under the agreement, “Novation” will begin from 1 April 2020 for a transitional period of nine months, with the remaining term of the bancassurance contract being fully transferred from FWD to Prudential Thailand on 31 December 2020. TCS and Newark-based life insurer New J. on Wednesday signed the deal for technology services based in […]

Printable Co Parenting Agreement Template

It may seem ridiculous for married people to design a cooperative parenting contract, but such a document can serve as a guideline for raising children and avoid any misunderstanding on the street. If parents agree at an early stage on important topics, children tend to be confident, emotionally secure, and successful. This also applies […]

Post Nuptial Agreement Malaysia

In most cases, a marriage contract has never been considered and now that a couple has contracted a marriage, they are thinking about how best to solve the problems of financial security, division of property and alimony if the marriage dissolves. And now you are wondering what the legal status of the marriage contract […]

Perpetual Software License Agreement Template

Customer may make an appropriate number of copies of the Licensed Software, run on the servers of Customer and its related sublicensees, wherever located, and for quality assurance, testing, hot standby, backup or archiving purposes, provided that each copy contains all proprietary notices of the originally licensed software. Customer may not: (i) allow other […]

Partnership Agreement Format In Sri Lanka

Starting a partnership may seem difficult, but if you plan properly and take the necessary steps, you can easily get the process done. Section 24 of the 1890 Act regulates the administration and financial rights of partners in partnership. As a general rule, shareholders have the right to participate equally in the capital and […]