Agreement Between Treasury Board And Psac

PSAC and the Treasury Board today signed new collective agreements for the Program and Administrative (PA) and Technical Services (TC) groups, which were ratified by members on September 29. The two collective agreements represent more than 80,000 employees of the federal public service. PSAC and The Treasury Board also signed the Phoenix damages agreement […]

Agent Agreement Sample Contract

There are different types of agencies and also requires a different agency agreement. There will always be good and bad agreements. The bad ones are usually written by those who have been blinded in all of their excitement by the corruption of a number of agency contracts. The Company and the Agent want to […]

How To Use Each In Subject Verb Agreement

Unique themes related to “or,” “nor,” “either . . . . or ” . . . . . . . . still” take a singular verb. Subject verb chord seems simple at first glance, but if we run with some of these pronouns, when the problem occurs … 7. The verb is singular when […]

How International Agreements Might Have An Impact On Businesses

In some cases, a product must meet both processing and content requirements. For example, pieces of hairdryer imported to Mexico from Japan and South Korea will arrive under parts classifications. When assembling with North American parts, the sum of the parts becomes a hairdryer. At this point, tariff transformation rules are being met, but […]