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I have a small HP server for which I have renewed the support contract (Carepack). I have registered the carepack and I have the certificate. My biggest problem with these servers is without exception to get the support we paid for, especially when the servers are a few years old and the original computer person has passed. I understand that you need to prove your hardware exchange guarantee, but preventing the download of firmware updates and security updates is ridiculous. If you don`t contact them via the chat feature or haven`t contacted HPE here (try Kelly first), you should be able to help yourself or give you correct links To start this process, you should select “yes” at the top of the screen if you are tied to existing warranty shares or if you are linking others. The process of interconnecting warranties, care packs or support agreements is as simple as clicking on the right link and following the instructions. If you have a lot of existing systems, it is very likely that the link via the Batch tool is preferable rather than linking them individually. The process of connecting one of the three options is the same, you enter the SAID (Support Agreement ID) number, care pack or warranty serial number and select the property type separately or several times. Individual ownership means that you have control of the warranty and you need to set up warranty shares, and you need to add more to the share. Timeshare means that everyone, as the equal owner, can refer to the warranty and can therefore create and manage shares. By linking a care pack or a guarantee, you can also access other fields when linking.

You can choose the country or region of the purchase and assign a nickname to the connected device, for example. B the host name of the device, so that it is easily recognizable by all members of the company. Creating an account takes no more than 5 minutes, as only account information is requested by default. Once you have an account, you can either combine your company`s warranties, care packs, and support agreements, or, if they`re already linked to an existing account in your company, you can easily be added to it. Click on the “My Support Link” link at the bottom left of the page (see below). If you know the specific type of support you need to link (support contract, package support, or warranty), or if you want to view everything previously related, you can also select the links below. Once you`ve connected your device, you can set up shares. Shares allows anyone in your organization to have access to connected devices without everyone having to link them separately. You can see what you want and give each permission a unique name. To do this, click on “Manage Contact and Warranty Shares” on the main Contracts and Warranties page. If you purchase directly from HPE, support contracts are registered for your company and HPE account.

You should be good at support, but remember that your colleagues set up HPE accounts and also assign them the support contract.

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