Cincinnati Bengals Lease Agreement

We have a rare opportunity to improve the Bengals` lease, make room for more growth at The Banks, keep a valuable employer in our community, and develop new parking spaces while saving hundreds of millions of taxpayers` money. It is time to put egos aside and move forward for the good of taxpayers. “It`s hard to believe that it`s been over 20 years since the project started and that it was sold for a campaign that not only had two new sports stadiums, but that those stadiums would serve to anchor some sort of gateway to the region,” says Katie Blackburn. “We believe this agreement with the county is an important step in extending this original vision for the team, the community, the fans and the future development of the river.” Among the many terrible provisions of the Cincinnati Bengals stadium lease agreement (holographic replay systems!) is one that, over the last nine years of the Hamilton County lease, requires paying $2.67 million a year in stadium operating costs. Last year, district officials tried to renegotiate this clause and came nowhere, so instead it seems that they are directly refusing to pay and see what will happen next: under the new lease, the county can now open Lot 24 for development. At this point, we need to see if the county maintains its stated intention to not abide by this part of the lease and how the Bengals respond. According to a recent report by the Cincinnati-based WCPO, Hamilton County (Cincinnati home) plans to violate part of the lease the county has with the Bengals regarding Paul Brown Stadium. Happy May, everyone! This crisis feels like it`s rushing into the future and letting time creep – as a friend remarked yesterday, it`s as if we`ve all entered an alternate universe where nothing ever happens – and we have to hold on to the slightest glimmer of possible news and the slightest drop of rewards to keep us going and remember it, that today, it is not really the same as yesterday. In particular, today is a free day on Bandcamp, where 100% of the purchase prices go to the artists and many musicians have released for this occasion new albums and singles and video downloads. . .


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