Assessing The Impact Of Trade Agreements On Trade

14. Whalley J. Why are countries looking for regional trade agreements? Frankel JA, editor. The regionalization of the world economy. Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research; University of Chicago Press (1998). S. 63-90. Shaffer ER, Brenner JE. The impact of a trade agreement on access to generic medicines. Health. 2009;28 (5): w957-w68. The limitations of our study are that the framework is based exclusively on the content of four recently negotiated trade agreements. Other trade agreements that have recently been negotiated or are under negotiation may contain derogations from the provisions described above or may contain new provisions that were not included in previous agreements.

What we have presented is an overview of the trajectories and potential impacts on the development of the analytical framework, not a detailed health impact assessment of the likely effects of trade agreements in specific contexts. Following the signing of CETA, ISDS rules were also subject to a thorough revision, calling for the creation of an “investment court system” with professional and independent judges (instead of temporary courts), the opening of hearings to the public and the publication of documents filed in the course of cases. 6. Anderson JE, Yotov YV. Terms of trade and the overall effectiveness effects of free trade agreements, 19902002 J Int Econ. (2016) 99:279-98 doi: 10.1016/j.jinteco.2015.10.006 World Trade Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, World Health Organization. .

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