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Approval decisions are published in the collection of administrative acts of the prefecture of the department. Approval is granted for a period of five years. Exceptionally, approval is granted for a period of two years for companies created less than three years ago on the date of the application for approval. One of the following two conditions must be met (see Decree of 23 June 2015, Article 1): Finally, to submit your request for authorization, please contact the attached document “To whom should your ESUS application be addressed?” As a reminder, the average yield on bonds issued by private companies is available on the website of the Directorate General of the Treasury. For the first half of 2019, it is 0.62%. Windows 7: Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Provides a Windows 7 device with free Extended Security Updates through January 2023. Due to their activity, certain structures of the social and solidarity economy listed in Article 11, Title II, of the SSS Act of 31 July 2014, will automatically benefit from SSS approval. July 2020 edits EDITED: ESU date year year 2 for Windows Embedded Standard 7 The dematerialization of the Esus approval procedure will then be introduced, probably by decree (not yet published at the end of 2019) in order to make it accessible to companies and more transparent. Solidarity finance consists of three channels: DiESS has set up a brand “social and solidarity economy company” and “recognized solidarity economy company of social utility” in order to increase the visibility of companies and SSS certified companies. The objective is that these brands contribute to these qualities being criteria for the selection of SSE / ESUS companies as suppliers or suppliers of customers, beneficiaries or principals, and promote the increase in the notoriety and activity of these companies.

To download the distinctive signs. Obtaining approval as a solidarity enterprise of social utility sets up an application for approval. Under the Labour Code of Article L3332-17-1[11], the company covered by Article 1 of Law No 2014-856 of 31 July 2014 on the social and solidarity economy and fulfilling the following cumulative conditions may benefit from the “solidarity enterprise of social utility” approval. For executives whose salaries (those of the five highest-paid executives or employees) must not exceed an annual ceiling of 129,311 euros gross in 2020, equivalent to seven times the minimum wage. The main objective of the company is the search for social benefits, in accordance with Article 2 of the Law of 31 July 2014 on the Social and Solidarity Economy, which stipulates that companies whose corporate purpose primarily meets one of these three conditions are considered social benefits within the meaning of this Law: No, customers must purchase ESU support separate from Unified Support. Once ESU support is purchased, customers can get technical support for products covered by the program. Selection of the application for ESUS approval according to the status and model of the company: the significant impact of expenses on the profit or income account. Given the PACTE law, the reference to financial profitability is removed in the future regulation that will amend the decree of 23 June 2015, but as long as it is not published, the reference to this profitability remains timely. The first condition for admission of the ESUS is membership of the social and solidarity economy within the meaning of Article 1 of the SSS Act. .

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