Acceptable Behaviour Agreement Template

Our first priority is to put an end to misconduct. During the ABC interview, we can propose diversionary projects, for example through local youth clubs, tutoring or counselling. We want to discourage young people from creating problems and towards a better way of life. The CBA describes the behaviour that the teen agreed to stop. For example, they may agree not to do so: it is important to bear in mind that the police take seriously all cases of anti-social behaviour, given that offences – or the category in which offences are included – are increasing and, as such, have a responsibility towards the Community, to ensure that cases of antisocial behaviour are kept to a minimum. Anti-social behaviour that may be combated by ABCs may include: the contract, drawn up and concluded by the agencies concerned in consultation with the individuals, contains both negative and positive conditions, which detail the behaviour in which the person will no longer participate and the activities of the person; to change behaviour. An Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) is a voluntary agreement between the person who behaves in an antisocial manner and other affected persons (e.g. B police, counsel or social worker). Sometimes ABCs are referred to as acceptable behavior agreements or antisocial behavioral contracts, etc.

ABCs can be used in many different situations to combat antisocial behavior.

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