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How do I get the license to run multiple bots at the same time? @ManojPuri If you want to use Pro features in RPA Express, you must purchase the license. Otherwise, you can continue to use the Control Tower and workspace on your local computer with 1 messenger. There is no need for a license to do this. Hello @praveenc, please contact our sales team in You provide all the necessary details about the license. The original version of PRNewswire can be found at: How can I find the Control Tower RPA Express license? I entered the license key, it was activated once, but it still shows that the license has expired. So I still entered the license key, and then the notification comes in saying that the license key is not valid. I get the message “Your smart cloud automation license” expires in 10 days. So after 10 days, I`m going to be able to publish my bots in the control room? I have to complete all the certification-related tasks. So is there a free extension of the license to an additional month? If you are referring to this license, which is required for using Pro features after the trial version, you must purchase a Pro subscription to get it. Hello, please let me know how to renew the workspace license for the RPA work merger? Best – Anyway, I`ll write to you to direct news to whom you should turn to renew your license:) About WorkFusionWorkFusions, AI-controlled automation and RPA software creates and manages software robots for knowledge work. Its technology has been developed for data first companies and automates business processes by combining AI, RPA and people in an intuitive platform. Leading companies in banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, consumer goods, utilities, telecommunications, retail and more are opting for mergers to reduce total costs, improve their employees and use AI to overcome the complexity of a company`s transformation and growth.

WorkFusion is headquartered in New York and operates throughout Europe and Asia. For more information or rpA Express Starter, visit To download WorkFusion RPA Express for free and get more information, visit Please let me know where to find the license. RPA Express Starter refers to a completely free product with no trial period, no license generated and fewer system requirements. What functions would be activated once the license was activated? Yes, you can publish your robots after the license expires. Overview of the collaboration between several robots and the Human-in-the-Loop feature from a single site and achieve efficiency and business agility. Since February 2016, more than 2,000 users from 850 companies have participated in the WorkFusion RPA Express Early Access program, and the first participants have seen a 30% increase in the deployment of RPA.

Recorder automatically displays the import dialog box in which you can select a project folder name: Thanks for your suggestions. I`ve read it, but it seems that your solution doesn`t have a free version, and I should give up my soul and other personal details to see if it would help me. NEW YORK, April 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – WorkFusion RPA Express, the world`s first free robotics-arming (RPA) product for the company, is launched worldwide, allowing companies to start or accelerate their digitization efforts faster and easier. By default, the robot clicks directly in the center of the recorded image (hovert, scrollt, pulls). You can set the crosshair to a custom position by clicking on the image: A pop-up dialogue box with 100% zoom on the image appears where you have an option to adjust offsets: I hope this guide will definitely help you install WorkFusion RPA Express on your machines.

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