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Contact the Public Service Commission at 3003 2800 or by e-mail In such cases, the ICG may assign a revised performance assessment for the relevant period and recover all benefit payments and associated allowances during this period: the final discretion for ratings and performance bonuses is retained by the Governor of the Board. CEOs must conclude their agreement before the end of August of each year or within three months of starting their duties (if they are appointed to this position during the year). The Prime Minister or The Prime Minister`s Delegate (DG DPC) makes an assessment of the performance of each CEO. The lump sum payment is a percentage of the basic salary and must be reinstated each year on the basis of the successful execution of the commitments. Risky treatment does not increase a person`s base salary and can be earned regardless of a person`s position in the field of compensation. No at-risk pay is awarded for benefits that do not meet expectations. If each company has the flexibility to determine its performance, it must set clear and measurable goals for the CEO to measure and evaluate performance at the end of the cycle. These measures must also be a challenge to promote performance and ensure that the company makes remarkable progress in achieving its objectives. An effective performance management program is an integral part of the success of the compensation plan.

The Chair must collect and reflect the Minister`s opinion as a shareholder representative on the recommended evaluation and performance rating of the program and policy, management, shareholder and stakeholder relations, management and company results. The deputy minister of the department can assist the relevant minister by advising him on the following issues: The president/office is responsible for the evaluation of performance. However, chairs are encouraged to consult with the Minister to ensure that the shareholder`s views are well reflected. It is also recommended that chairs consult with the deputy minister of the department on portfolio issues. Providing rapid and constructive feedback is essential for performance management, and the responsibility of the Presidency is the responsibility. Feedback should be provided throughout the performance cycle to correct and motivate performance and to ensure that final recommendations and approved evaluations are well understood.

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