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If New Zealand has a double taxation agreement with the person`s country of residence or country of residence, income from work may not be taxable if certain conditions are met. An exemption certificate may be issued by the National Revenue Department (IRD) to waive this withholding tax obligation if the IRD is satisfied that the income collected in New Zealand is not liable for income tax under a double taxation agreement. DBAs for different countries or territories are not the same. You should check the DBA to make sure how it is applied or consult a tax specialist. Tax relief for New Zealand may be possible under a double taxation agreement. In general, New Zealand`s double taxation agreements provide for an exemption from labour income when the worker is present in New Zealand for 183 days or less, is employed by a non-resident organization and is not paid by a stable establishment (PE) in New Zealand. Longer business travellers are likely to be taxed on working income related to their working days in New Zealand, unless facilities are obtained under New Zealand law or an applicable double taxation agreement. Tax Convention Information on New Zealand`s tax arrangements from domestic income with the full text of the agreements to download. The DBA also applies to taxpayers from third countries, as the non-discrimination section applies to nationals of Australia or New Zealand.

In addition, the mutual agreement procedure, information exchange articles and tax debt collection assistance articles apply when third countries are residents of tax territory that are nationals of Australia or New Zealand. We contain a collection of global double taxation conventions in English (and other languages, if available) to assist members in their applications. If you`re having trouble finding a contract, call the application team on (0)20 7920 8620 or email us at Before New Zealand grants co-benefits under a contract, some DBA countries or territories require either New Zealand to have double taxation agreements with 40 countries/legal systems to avoid double taxation and to allow cooperation between New Zealand and overseas tax authorities in the application of their respective tax laws. Article 13, paragraph 6, of the agreement was introduced to avoid double taxation of capital gains on outgoing residents. Under the Australian CGT scheme, a person who no longer has a home in Australia is normally taxed on unrealized profits of CGT assets held on that date, with assets other than taxable assets. However, a person who ceases to have an Australian-based tax may choose, at the time of departure, to either pay taxes (based on the difference between the market value of the non-taxable Australian assets at the time of departure and the cost base of those assets), or to defer tax on a possible profit until the effective disposal of these non-taxable Australian assets.

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