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Ask your agent how long it might take and what steps will be to let you know what to expect. The agent is not required to file the applicant`s application with the Immigration and Citizenship Department or the screening body until the payment has been made in full of the costs due and to be paid at that stage. You should be aware that your representative of the migration section and refugee of the administrative court must provide all the information he needs to decide on your visa application. “applicant,” any person or person acting on behalf of the person providing the officer`s services for the preparation, dismissal and advice of a visa or migration to Australia under the Australian immigration program. You have the right to recover the money you paid in advance for the service charges that your agent did not provide. Your contract also lists the fees you are charged for each service or hour. Your agent must include other items that you may have to pay, z.B.: AKMVS migration agents as data collectors can collect the personal data of visitors to this site. This information is only used to respond to requests and to monitor the use of the site. Email addresses received as part of an application are kept only for the duration of the application. Cookies and IP address registration are used to enable AKMVS migration agents to monitor site traffic and repeat visitor statistics. These statistics do not contain information that can be used to identify a person.

This information is anonymous and temporarily stored. Learn more about cookies and IP addresses below. By transmitting your data, you agree to use this information in accordance with the above reasons. To the extent that personal data is requested through forms, this data is used only for the purposes indicated on the form and is not transmitted or sold to third parties. This privacy policy applies only to the website of AKMVS Migration Agents on www.akmigration.com websites to which it is linked from this website are not covered by this Directive. If you sign a contract, your agent must provide you with a copy of the consumer guide.

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