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For outgoing materials, an SFU researcher should submit an application form for contracts to transfer equipment to research services ( Subsequently, the SFU researcher either receives a standard MTA from Research Services and sends it to his colleague at the receiving institution, or the MTA can be prepared and sent by research Services in agreement with the SFU researcher. If the same material is regularly sent by an SFU researcher to different institutions that use the standard MTA, research services are usually involved only when an agreement needs to be signed or when the receiving institution requests changes to the standard MTA. If the MTA has been signed by the SFU and the receiving institution, the SFU researcher is informed that the transfer of material may continue. As soon as an auditor participates orally in a commercially supported research project, they must submit a complete information form for “Sponsored Initiated Clinical Trials Form” to the Grant and Contract Coordinator, Research Facilitation Office. The Director of Clinical Research Contracts and Scholarships will contact the sponsor and begin negotiations as soon as the application has been filed with the Research Ethics Board. CPU students must follow ENG 130 – the introduction to professional practice after the transfer to UVic. For more information on the transfer to UVic Engineering, visit Thank you for providing the details of the data transfer agreement. You should receive an email soon containing a pdf attachment based on your responses. Please follow the following instructions carefully to complete the processing of this agreement: In accordance with the affiliation agreements between PHC and UBC, as well as between PHC and Simon Fraser University (SFU), the indirect costs of commercially funded research at the CHP will be divided between the two institutions.

Any grant, clinical trial agreement, service agreement or cooperation agreement funded by a commercial agency and managed by PHC or UBC or SFU includes a standard cost of 30% of the total project expenditures used to support research infrastructure. For grants, clinical studies, services, collaborative research, material transfer, business sources and government authorities; Some form of information from the UBC Research Project (RPIF) must be completed and forwarded to UILO for university centres that require formal written contracts. Information about the nature of the contract/agreement can be found in the sponsored research agreement guide. Each signatory of a grant or contract receives a signed copy of that grant or contract for their registrations. All other contracts/agreements, such as grants. B, clinical trials, services, collaborative research, material transfer and changes to existing agreements from commercial sources and government authorities; and academic centres that require formal written contracts, both extensions and modifications, must be negotiated and documented in writing by designated officers/managers at UBC`s Higher Education and Industry Liaison Office (UILO), which verifies this issue on behalf of the hospital and university. A number of KPU engineering certificate courses are at the heart of all engineering programs and will facilitate transmission to many institutions that offer engineering programs.

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