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Learning in English, the expression of approval and divergence involves 9 matter definition of agreement and disagreements such as the phrase We agree to contradict the meaning that suggests that disagreement. After understanding the example, it is time to repeat the example of agreement and disagreement. The following exercises will present the question of multiple choice. The answer has become bold, but we still need to correct the times there is not properly. Readers, did you know that each of us will definitely face a situation when it comes to expressing an opinion? Every thought that is in the human head is certainly not exactly the same. Take the twins, for example, they do not always agree on this point. There are times when we are at odds with the opinions of others. In many English conversations, we often say that we agree or disagree. There are many ways to express points of convergence or differences of opinion, and the ones we use depend on our degree of approval or disagreement. Here is a list of some common expressions: From the dialogue, we can assume that…

A. Diana agrees with Maya B. Diana does not agree with Maya C. Diana has no idea what Maya said Diana can not accept the fact of this dialogue, we can assume that Kiara expresses herself…. A. Agreement B. Disagreement C. Opinion D. Satisfaction From this dialogue, we can conclude that Ratna……… A. Disagreement B.

Anger C. Danger D. ILL Please know the example of the expression of the agreement and the disagreement is usually with the material and the example of the request for opinion dialogue, which sometimes also contains examples of concurring and contradictory sentences and their meaning. If you can understand the material agreement and class 9 smp disagreements, it will be easy to also work on examples of problems of agreement and disagreement. In writing, how to express agreement and disagreements, we sometimes have to ask for agreement in English. This statement agrees that the differences of opinion have an informed connection with the application and opinion of the aforementioned sindde. Below is an example of a short 2-person dialogue and there is also a long one on a lot of conversational topics. 3. Contog Dialogue Agreement disputed by 4 people While in the dialogue and disagreement agreement 4 people here, we can learn the expression procedure at once if we approve and do not correspond in English. In the dialogue agreement and disagreement, 4 people are specifically a sentence that directly includes with the material in the disagreement dialogue and the agreement is bold as below.

Below are a few phrases you can use in a conversation to express your disapproval in English. The following different examples of agreement and disagreements will add insight or at least add differences in vocabulary if they agree in an example and counter-opinion.

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