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At present, we do not have any articulation paths for degrees within this specific university. If you are interested in concluding the WGU, a course evaluation of your transcripts is completed to ensure maximum transfer credits. To view available WGU accounts or contact our registration service, click above on the “RETURN TO THE MAIN WGU WEBSITE” link and call the phone number in the top right corner of the new screen. For applicants preparing for registration, the first step towards obtaining transfer credits is to submit your old university transcripts to the WGU. We will check them out and let you know how many transferable credits you have. Saylor Direct course without a course, which is included in WGU`s transfer policies, can help you complete your degree at a much lower cost. Take the next steps at www.saylor.org/credit Can I transfer previously acquired university credits to the WGU? WGU students who may be interested in switching universities, either before or after completing their studies at the WGU, should keep in mind the following: As your mentor will use your transcripts to develop your personalized curriculum, it is important that we receive official transcripts directly from all the colleges and universities you visited prior to the 1st of the month prior to the scheduled start date. The WGU does not grant transfer credit on the basis of the work identified by transcripts received after your start date. The WGU is regionally accredited with the NWCCU, which is good news for anyone who wants to earn credits with us and transfer them relatively easily to another school. That is, each university or university sets its own criteria, so they have the final say on what transfers and what is not.

Be sure to check the details of your transmission guidelines, but it is very likely that the process will be similar to the transmission to the WGU. The courses you can successfully take depend on where you are transferred and the school you are passing through. Previous courses must be relevant. If your pre-study directly meets the requirements of your WGU license, you can take one or more required courses with a lower division. However, if your course work has been in areas that do not meet WGU requirements, the amount of transfer credit you will receive may be limited. Regional accreditation is more widely accepted for transfers and results in a more respected level (i.e. it is easier to get a job or obtain correct licenses). National accreditation generally results in lower costs and the safest admission standards.

Western Governors University is regionally accredited. Yes, yes. If you are applying for a bachelor`s degree and have completed a university education at another university, you can have your transcripts evaluated and perhaps have some or all of the requirements for lower department courses billed with transfer credits. In some programs, professional certifications may meet additional requirements. If you have taken courses or graduated from another university or university, you are probably wondering what will go to a WGU program. One final caveat: Note that if your selected online university is accredited nationally (and not regionally), you will probably have a harder time transferring credits, and may even have a problem with completing a higher degree after completing minor online studies. This does not necessarily mean that the university (or the degree you earn from it) will not serve you well, but it can make some things more complicated.

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