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Seattle Colleges has one of the largest international student enrollments in the United States. They offer excellent links with universities for students who can easily obtain a bachelor`s degree. Seattle Colleges have articulation agreements with all universities in Washington State, where Seattle is located, some of which are highly ranked. The University of Washington, for example, is a popular choice for many students with offices in Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma. Transfer articulation manuals are prepared for you so that you can register for courses transferred to the UIW and apply for your diploma. The guides prepared are for the junior/community colleges of Alamo colleges, of which we regularly receive a large number of transfer students. In the list below, select the studies you want to follow; Each document contains guidelines for each of the five campuses in the Alamo College district. Transfer articulation agreements allow students to complete their first and second years of study, which leads to the bachelor`s degree at Northwest Vista College, transfer credits to a participating four-year university or university, and complete the remaining high school graduation courses for the bachelor`s degree. Important note for the transfer of courses: most universities accept only 66 credits corresponding to the university level for your bachelor`s degree. To be considered eligible, A-M-SA students must work closely with the academic advisors of A-M-SA. Students must have completed all pre-conditions required by A-M-SA. In addition, students must have acquired at least 3.60 MPAs, at least 3.60 MPA and grades of “B” or better in all mathematics and natural sciences courses. In addition, students must receive at least 80 on the TEAS and at least 69 on the reading part of the TEAS.

For more information on this program, please contact the undergraduate advising center at San Antonio University. BA – Mexican American Studies BA – Womens Studies BS – Health BS – Kinesiology BS – Public Health Students, the first enrollees at St. Mary`s University and meeting certain admission requirements will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative program allowing early admission to the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Nursing to obtain a bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. StMU students have a second opportunity to earn a bachelor of science degree at Nursing at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Students who are enrolled in the StMU as beginners and who meet certain admission requirements will have the opportunity to participate in a collaborative program that allows early admission to the nursing school, both a Bachelor of Science Combined from St.

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