Macquarie Health Corporation Enterprise Agreement

For more information on your representation rights under the Fair Work Act 2009, enterprise agreements and their negotiations, please contact: You have the right to appoint a negotiator to represent you in negotiations regarding the agreement or on an issue before the Fair Work Commission to negotiate the agreement. 1998 It`s (Macquarie Pathology) is the heart of a vast medical empire that operates several private hospitals and a network of medical centers on the East Coast. —————————— The Macquarie Group is one of Australia`s largest private medical companies and is led by Dr. Tom Wenkart. It manages hospitals, medical centers and a pathology department and includes three states and the territory of the capital. The group is now plagued by persistent business difficulties, including multi-million dollar debts to banks and the IRS. ————————– The Medical Empire is an intersynilent network of companies led by the well-known Dr. Tom Wenkart, former partner of Australia`s most famous medical entrepreneur, Geoffrey Edelsten. Edelsten has of course spent some time in prison since and has been disconnected as a doctor. Macquarie Group under Tom Wenkart has difficulties Radio Nationale 3 March. 1998 “We think .NET will be the way, but wireless is pretty big in health,” he says. “Then comes the integration and use of XML.” Ray Moynihan: Steve Flecknoe-Brown is not a selfless player. He left Macquarie in bitter circumstances, including legal actions, and now considers himself a potential savior of the suffering empire.

He wants the problems facing this large company to be the subject of public debate, because he says that all the signs indicate a company in distress. ——————————– There is no doubt, Tom Wenkart felt the pressure. So much so that about a year ago, he grabbed and pushed one of his chief pathologists during a verbal confrontation. While the attack did not cause physical damage, the pathologist involved took the precaution of filing a police report at the local station in case it happened again. ——————————— Steve Flecknoe-Brown: The questions I asked were answered in a glib, repugnant response, and I could not exercise any power to change the existing arrangements. ——————————– The fact that a colourful and energetic entrepreneur like Tom Wenkart can run a $100 million health care business and remain virtually unknown is strong evidence that Australia, with much more public control, could do something for those who take advantage of someone else`s illness. Macquarie Group under Tom Wenkart has difficulties Radio Nationale 3 March. 1998 CSAHS gave him documents, but stated that he could not include them in his report, as this would be contrary to confidentiality agreements if they were released under freedom of information. Former Senator Runs at The University of New Private Hospital Race Sydney Morning Herald June 6, 1997 The group is looking for mobile equipment from most of its hospitals. This is a confidential agreement between a private hospital developer, Macquarie Health Corporation, and the Central Sydney Area Health Service (CSAHS) to build a 400-bed hospital, hotel, car park and shopping centre on the Royal Prince Alfred Public Hospital site in Camperdown.

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