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Any contract must introduce the contracting parties – including your company and the party with whom you sign the contract — into the first paragraphs of the contract. For example, you might write: “Milton`s Automotive Parts LLC is a company registered in the State of Florida, as Milton`s.” The signature lines of your contract must indicate the title of an authorized signatory as well as the full name and DBA of the company. Otherwise, the person who signs the contract, as an individual, does not sign as an agent of the company, which may invalidate your agreement or give rise to contractual disputes. If a company refuses to register or otherwise forfeit, it may lose its right to work legally under that name in one or more states. A quick update of what constitutes a business and an LLC: as a general rule, companies are not required to file fictitious business certificates at the state level, unless the companies themselves do business under names other than their registered name. The founding documents have the same impact on businesses and citizens as fictitious name statements for small types of businesses, such as individual companies and partnerships. Filing a DBA is similar to many foreign documents, but there are indeed important reasons to put your DBAs in order: this situation occurs, as does the need for a company to install or create an LLC to enter into contracts with certain companies. It is likely, for example, that the defence industry requires all participants to operate with a certain degree of corporatism before they are eligible for any contracts, given the importance of this work. . The process of submitting a DBA or a fictitious name varies from land to state. In most cases, you just have to go to the local district offices and pay a small registration fee to the regional council. You can get a fictitious business name or a business name that allows you to work under a name relevant to your new service offerings. In addition, you can continue to use the same UN and you do not need to file a separate tax return for your company`s new service line.

The accepted company name essentially allows you to operate the new line of business as an extension of the existing LLC. If you join your business, create a separate legal entity from you. This means that you will be free of any personal liability related to your business. The second caveat is that all ownership of the new transaction must be identical to the original, otherwise it may result in complications in the filing of corporate taxes. A DBA does not allow you to obtain a separate commercial bank account for this aspect of your business or to manage the finances of this aspect of your business separately. It`s just a name.

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