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19. Renouncement without renunciation. The absence of a contracting party to its right to comply with any of the conditions and agreements stated here is not considered a waiver of the contracting party. This agreement must be construed as that of an independent counterparty relationship, and no party has authority over the other party with respect to the content to be shared. The information shared by the spokesperson is proprietary and cannot be held by the event organizer. 10. Intellectual property. All proprietary information shared by the Spokesperson is their own intellectual property and remains their property, unless the contracting parties agree that this intellectual property is transferred to the organizer. The TCUK Directive applies to all participants, including all stakeholders. When a proposal is submitted on behalf of two or more speakers, the first designated speaker is responsible for all stakeholders related to the proposal. We will only contact the first designated spokesperson.

CONSIDERING, the spokesperson makes the invitation of the organizer in the terms of the agreement below; You must send us a summary of your presentation within 28 days of our reception, which we will publish on the TCUK website and in the printed program of the conference. If you do not send a summary, we will use the information you provided in the application form. The TCUK conference is an educational and professional event for the benefit of delegates and, with the exception of supplier meetings organized under a sponsorship agreement, it should not be a commercial promotion. If you participate in TCUK, we can inform you, your presentation and its content, as well as all documents accompanying the TCUK website, the ISTC website or other ISTC publications online or in print. By confirming your participation in the TCUK conference, you are giving us permission to do so. When we make a video and/or audio recording of your presentation, this permission extends to the use of that recording. In any case, you reserve the copyright on your presentation and all associated presentation materials. Adapt the terms and conditions to your event, include additional form fields to gather additional information, and add your logo to this speaker agreement template with our user-friendly interface. After adapting the template, you can start collecting responses and automatically converting them to signed PDFs. No matter what type of conference or event you host, and whatever industry you belong to, you can simplify your speaker process and collect signatures online with our free speaker agreement model. If we accept your proposal, you will need to confirm your participation within 14 days of receiving our acceptance.

Your confirmation of presence means that you will respect this agreement. If you do not confirm this within 14 days, we may propose your meeting to another speaker. 17. Force majeure. The parties to this agreement are not responsible for the commitments or obligations arising from this agreement because of circumstances, incidents or interventions resulting from acts of God, and unforeseen disturbances. 16. Counter-parts. This agreement can be executed in two or more counter-parties, each of which is considered a separate agreement, but which together form the same agreement.

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